Wasp Removal

Wasp Removal

Take Your Yard Back!

For years, we were like all the other pest companies that simply took care of only visible Wasp and Yellow Jacket nests…but not anymore! Call us now, and by this time tomorrow, you can enjoy your yard again!

Wasps and Yellow Jackets can be scary, annoying, and dangerous. Here are some tips when dealing with them:

They are very curious insects that will fly around us or directly in our faces. They are attracted by the smells of food and drinks from outdoor events like BBQ’s.

Loud noises can easily irritate them. Doing yard work with weed eaters, blowers, and lawn mowers can cause them to attack.

Over the counter sprays only kill what you spray and put you at risk of being attacked while spraying them.

Wasp and Yellow Jacket traps are not effective in properly and safely controlling these insects.

We can take your yard back from these flying insects and get them under control so you can enjoy the outdoors again. We specialize in taking care of Wasps and Yellow Jackets when their nests cannot be found or are not visible from the ground. Let us come take care of those pests for you at a reasonable price. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

How We Do It!

A licensed technician will come to your home during the time that the Wasps or Yellow jackets are most active.
Using a “slow kill” product, the technician will walk the perimeter of your home locating the Wasps and Yellow Jackets entry point to the nest and treating those entry points.

Within 24 hours of the treatment, your yard will be safe and enjoyable again. Guaranteed!

Please remember that Wasps, Yellow Jackets, and Bees are good for our environment. Therefore, it is not our desire to eliminate 100% of their population. We simply will get them to a natural and tolerable number so you can do your yard work, have a BBQ, and play outside without being scared, annoyed, or even attacked. Most customers see a 80-90% decrease in activity.