What is the cost?
We guarantee to beat any competitor’s price by 20%. The average price is $32 per month.
How safe are your chemicals around my children and pets?
Sniper Pest Control is committed to using the best products available around your family, pets and environment. In addition to our Eco Smart Green Products all of our other products are in the same “Caution” category as your household cleaning products such as Windex. A list of the products we use are always available upon request and are also listed on your invoice at the time of service.
How soon can someone come to my house?
Same day service for calls received before 12:00 p.m.
Do I have to leave my home for this service?
In most cases, no.
What are the Terms of Agreements?
Click here to view and print our Annual Pest Control Agreement.
Are products used by professional companies more dangerous than over the counter products?
The simple answer is “NO”. This answer is primarily due to the fact that home owners rarely use or dispose of chemicals properly. This causes them to endanger themselves, their family, their pets and their environment.
What is the difference between products you can buy at the store and products a professional pest company uses?
There are two basic types of pesticides, Slow Kill and Fast Kill. Products purchased over the counter, such as Raid and Blackflag, are Fast Kill products (with the exception of baits) which will kill what you spray almost on contact. What most people don’t know is that what you see is only 10% of the problem, so in about 3-5 days the insects will come back and usually in greater numbers. Professionals use slow kill products which allow the ants to live long enough to take the poison back to the nest and kill the entire nest.
TIP – If you absolutely must spray the infestation, use Windex or 409. This kills the insects you see, but has a mild enough smell not to spread your problem like over the counter products do. Keep in mind this is a temporary fix and you will either have to bait or call a pest technician to come out and assess the situation.
Do baits work?
YES. Keep in mind that for about every 100 ants you see it takes about 24 hours for bait to work. Therefore, a big infestation can take several days or weeks. I recommend using baits for only small problems or to keep insects in a general location till a pest technician can assess your problem.
BAIT TIP – If you buy bait that is not in liquid form, run hot water on the inside of the bait station to soften the bait.
Does an insect infestation mean my current technician is not doing his job?
No. Insects will invade for any number of reasons. However, if your technician is doing his job correctly, the problem should usually be resolved in one or two visits. Ongoing and frequent problems should be a red flag that something is not being done correctly.
Can a pest service be done in the rain?
Yes. The products used by professional services are not affected by the rain during or after a service has be done. Also, most of the key areas that need to be treated around your house do not even get wet because of the eaves of the home. Granule products, which are designed to be applied with water, can be used in areas that are wet as well.
Our Guarantee:
If listed pests invade your home between regular services, just give us a call and we will have a state-licensed service technician identify and treat appropriately at no additional cost.
Click here to view and print our Annual Pest Control Agreement